Anti-inflammatory/Pain support

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  • Researched Nutritionals Multi-Biome 30 caps

    Multi-Biome 30 caps

    Researched Nutritionals | Multi-Biome 30 caps Multi-Source Probiotic Researched Nutritionals Multi-Biome is a combination spore and non-spore (traditional live strain) probiotic. All six strains were selectively chosen for their specific...

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  • NutraMedix Samento 1 oz


    NutraMedix | Samento Samento is one of Nutramedix's best-selling products that delivers Cat’s Claw (Uña de Gato), which may offer immunity support properties.* Nutramedix Samento’s unique formula delivers Cat’s Claw (Uncaria...

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  • Researched Nutritionals ToxPul

    ToxinPul 90 caps

    Researched Nutritionals | ToxinPul 90 caps ToxinPul is a unique formula that utilizes multiple mechanisms of action to pull toxins from the body while simultaneously supporting key organ health such as the liver and kidneys. Researched...

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  • NutraMedix Houttuynia 1 oz

    Houttuynia 1 oz

    NutraMedix | Houttuynia 1 oz Houttuynia cortada has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine. Its herbal extract may have immune support properties.* Nutramedix's unique herbal formula is strategically designed to deliver Houttuynia extract,...

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  • Enzymatic Therapy Saventaro Cat's Claw 90 veg caps

    Saventaro Cat's Claw

    Enzymatic Therapy | Saventaro Cat's Claw This product has been discontinued. Click here to see other great options. Why use a POA (Pentacyclic Alkaloid) cat's claw extract?It supports critical immune-system activity* POA cat's claw has been...

  • Integrative Therapeutics Petadolex 60 softgels


    Integrative Therapeutics | Petadolex 60 softgels Butterbur extract for healthy blood vessel relaxation in the brain.* The patented method of extraction in Integrative Therapeutics Petadolex ensures the valuable petasites compounds are captured,...

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  • Researched Nutritionals Curcumin Pure 60 caps

    Curcumin Pure 60 caps

    Researched Nutritionals | Curcumin Pure 60 caps Researched Nutritionals Curcumin Pure offers physicians a standalone curcumin product featuring CurcuWIN brand turmeric extract.  Published research shows CurcuWIN providing absorption at...

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  • Researched Nutritionals Soothe & Relaxx Soft Tissue & Stress Support 180 caps

    Soothe & Relaxx

    Researched Nutritionals | Soothe & Relaxx Soft Tissue & Stress Support 180 caps Soft tissue, joint & muscle support with Relaxx™ Complex to calm the mind Under a physician’s direction, Soothe & Relaxx™ may have special...

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  • Researched Nutritionals Omega-3 Plus Pure High Potency Fish Oil

    Omega-3 Plus

    Researched Nutritionals | Omega-3 Plus Pure Norwegian Fish Oil 60 softgels Each Omega-3 Plus™ soft gel contains 360 mg EPA and 240 mg DHA. This double strength formula contains twice the amount of EPA as standard Omega-3 supplements. It is...

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  • Researched Nutritionals Ubiquinol Super 200

    Ubiquinol Super 200

    Researched Nutritionals| Ubiquinol Super 200 30 softgels Reduced form of CoQ10 for Enhanced Absorption Researched Nutritionals Ubiquinol Super 200TM offers the patient 200 mg in each softgel of the reduced form of CoQ10. As people age, CoQ10 becomes...

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  • Bodybio PC (Phosphatidyl-Choline) 60 softgels

    PC (Phosphatidyl-Choline)

    Bodybio/E-Lyte | PC (Phosphatidyl-Choline) BodyBio PC is formulated with a fatty acid ratio of 4 parts omega 6 to 1 part omega 3. The 4:1 ratio has been proven to be the best ratio to balance the Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) of the body. ...

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  • TCMzone Yu Xing Cao (Houttuynia) 40 Packets

    Yu Xing Cao (Houttuynia) 40 Packets

    TCM Zone | Yu Xing Cao (Houttuynia) 40 Packets TCM Zone Granule Herb System includes the 5:1 classical Chinese herb formulas, plus 5:1 single herb granules. All TCM Zone products are manufactured under strict accordance of SFDA's GMP standards,...

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  • Thorne Research 5-Hydroxytryptophan 90 vegcaps

    5-Hydroxytryptophan 90 vegcaps

    Thorne Research | 5-Hydroxytryptophan 90 vegcaps 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is the intermediate metabolite produced when the body initiates the process of converting the essential amino acid L-tryptophan to serotonin. Serotonin levels in the body are...

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  • Douglas Labs Organic Greens and Reds 240 gms

    Organic Greens and Reds 240 gms

    Douglas Labs | Organic Greens and Reds 240 gms Organic Greens and Reds is a concentrated, all-natural blend of organic grasses, fruits and vegetable powders that can mix in water or other liquids to make a delicious, healthful drink. This product...

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  • Kan Herbs Isatis Root

    Isatis Root

    Kan Herbs | Isatis Root Kan Singles are highly concentrated extracts of individual Chinese and Western herbs. Each herb is processed in small batches that yield the most favorable percentage of herbal material per fluid ounce. Kan utilizes an...

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  • MycoHerb by Kan Cordyceps 1 oz


    MycoHerb by Kan | Cordyceps Myco Herb delivers the highest quality of bioavailable herbal ingredients by coupling optimal potency live mycelial and fruiting stages of exclusively cultivated mushroom strains with a superior extraction process.Cordyceps is...

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  • Wise Woman Herbals Teasel (Dipsacus spp.)

    Teasel (Dipsacus spp.)

    Wise Woman Herbals | Teasel (Dipsacus spp.) Wise Woman Herbals Teasel Root (Dipsacus spp.) is formulated in a base of mountain spring water, vegetable glycerine and organic alcohol. Made from fresh wildcrafted root in a 1:1.2 concentration. Plant...

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  • Herb Pharm Red Root

    Red Root

    Herb Pharm | Red Root Tonic, astringent and stimulant to mucous membranes; expectorant. Herb Pharm Red Rood is a glandular alternative that promotes decongestion in the portal circulation, lymphatic tissue, liver, and especially the spleen...

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  • Perque Pain Guard Forte 100 tabs

    Pain Guard Forte

    Perque | Pain Guard Forte  PERQUE Pain Guard Fort, a remarkable natural formula, is your best nutritional solution for treating pain and inflammation. Inflammation means repair is blocked or incomplete. Pain Guard Fort effectively enhances the...

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  • Gaia Herbs Olive Leaf 60 lvcaps

    Olive Leaf 60 lvcaps

    Gaia Herbs | Olive Leaf 60 lvcaps Olive Leaf has the unique ability to support immune function while also offering the body protection from free radical damage. Because of this antioxidant property, Olive Leaf shows promise in supporting...

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  • Thorne Research Meriva-SF 120 vegcaps

    Meriva-SF 120 vegcaps

    Thorne Research | Meriva-SF 120 vegcaps Soy Free! Meriva-SF is a well-absorbed, sustained-released curcumin formula.* Meriva® is the most clinically studied curcumin on the market with 29x greater absorption than ordinary curcumin.* Suggested Use:...

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  • Thorne Research Meriva 500-SF

    Meriva 500-SF 120 caps

    Thorne Research | Meriva 500-SF (Soy Free) Meriva 500-SF helps maintain a healthy inflammatory response throughout the body.* Meriva is the most clinically studied curcumin on the market with 29x greater absorption than ordinary curcumin...

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  • BodyBio Balance Oil 180 caps

    Balance Oil 180 caps

    Bodybio/E-Lyte | Balance Oil 180 caps Essential Oils (EFA’s) are simply essential. We must consume them or we will not survive. Today’s food supply (supermarket stuff) is out of balance-the oils that are on the shelf are not correct...

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  • Herb Pharm Astragalus Root 1 oz

    Astragalus Root

    Herb Pharm | Astragalus Root Supports Healthy Function of the Immune SystemWe prepare our Astragalus Extract from the dried roots of Astragalus membranaceus plants which are Certified Organically Grown.Herb Pharm's Astragalus roots are...

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  • Metagenics Andrographis Plus 30 tablets

    Andrographis Plus 200 mg

    Metagenics | Andrographis Plus 200 mg Andrographis Plus delivers a proprietary blend of Ayurvedic and Asian herbs including beneficial levels of concentrated andrographis extract to promote a healthy immune response, while amla fruit (rich in vitamin C)...

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  • Banyan Botanicals Ashwagandha (Organic) 500 mg

    Ashwagandha (Orgainc) 500 mg

    Banyan Botanicals | Ashwagandha (Orgainc) 500 mg Banyan Botanicals Organic Ashwagandha increases energy and vitality, is a general adaptogen for combating stress, assists in calming the mind and promotes restful sleep, and supports proper function...

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  • Integrative Therapeutics Bio-Zyme


    Integrative Therapeutics | Bio-Zyme 200 tablets Integrative Therapeutics Bio-Zyme contains eight key enzymes, plus 10X pancreatic enzymes to optimize digestion and support the body’s natural healthy inflammatory response. While other...

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  • Progressive Labs GABA 500mg 90 caps

    GABA 500 mg 90 caps

    Progressive Labs | GABA 500mg 90 caps GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) is an amino acid neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. It supports normal brain function and relaxation.Suggested Use: For occasional anxiety and/or nervousness, one capsule...

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