pH Support

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  • Bio-Tech Sodium Potassium Bicarb 100 caps ingredients

    Sodium Potassium Bicarb

    Bio-Tech | Sodium Potassium Bicarb 100 caps Sodium bicar/Potassium bicarb combination neutralizes the body’s harmful acidic wastes and is beneficial to one’s health.  Bio-Tech® Pharmacal provides a product combining sodium...

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  • Energetix ReHydration 2 oz

    ReHydration 2 oz

    Energetix | ReHydration 2 oz Homeopathic Formula   ReHydration is a homeopathic combination formula for the symptoms associated with fluid imbalances. Most of us are clinically dehydrated. ReHydration helps to restore fluid balance.  ...

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  • Professional Botanicals pH Balance 90 caps

    pH Balance 90 caps

    Professional Botanicals | pH Balance 90 caps PH Balance from Professional Botanicals is designed to support an alkaline body. Indications may include acid toxicity, ulcers, adrenal issues, stress, and too much junk food. pH Balance contains EDS...

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  • Integrative Therapeutics Alka-Aid

    Alka-Aid 90 tabs

    THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. HERE IS A SIMILAR PRODUCT THAT YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN:  Bio-Tech Sodium Potassium Bicarb  Integrative Therapeutics | Alka-Aid 90 tabs Integrative Therapeutics ALKA-AID is a balanced formula...

  • Douglas Labs Organic Greens and Reds 240 gms

    Organic Greens and Reds 240 gms

    Douglas Labs | Organic Greens and Reds 240 gms Organic Greens and Reds is a concentrated, all-natural blend of organic grasses, fruits and vegetable powders that can mix in water or other liquids to make a delicious, healthful drink. This product...

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