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    Wise Woman Herbals Red Root/Ceanothus

    Red Root/Ceanothus

    Wise Woman Herbals | Red Root/Ceanothus Spp. Red Root is a dietary supplement which acts primarily as an anti-inflammatory and lymph system stimulant and tonic. Plant material used in Wise Woman Herbals are either organic, cultivated,...

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  • NutraMedix Houttuynia 1 oz

    Houttuynia 1 oz

    NutraMedix | Houttuynia 1 oz How Houttuynia Can Help Treat Bartonella Symptoms Bartonella is a bacterial infection that can cause a range of symptoms, from fever and fatigue to joint pain and neurological issues, especially anxiety. While antibiotics...

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  • Researched Nutritionals Ubiquinol Super 200

    Ubiquinol Super 200

    Researched Nutritionals| Ubiquinol Super 200 30 softgels Reduced form of CoQ10 for Enhanced Absorption Researched Nutritionals Ubiquinol Super 200TM offers the patient 200 mg in each softgel of the reduced form of CoQ10. As people age, CoQ10 becomes...

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  • Wise Woman Herbals Rhodiola


    Wise Woman Herbals | Rhodiola Cultivated Siberian root, 1:5 dry, in a base of organic alcohol, spring water and vegetable glycerin.Plant material in this product is either organic, cultivated, wildcrafted or of best quality available. Wise Woman...

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