Energy Support for chronic Lyme disease

Fatigue, or lack of energy, is one of the most common symptoms of chronic Lyme disease and its associated illnesses. 

Exercise and a good diet, including an anti-inflammatory diet, as part of your daily routine can help decrease fatigue. Having Lyme disease, we know how hard it is to exercise when you don't feel well and are extremely fatigued, but it is essential. Start slow, maybe with light stretching, and attempt to do a little more each day. Utilizing a rebounder is a great way to get movement in your body with little effort.

When fatigue is present, correcting endocrine imbalances, especially thyroid and adrenal dysfunction, can significantly increase energy levels. Have your physician do some blood work to verify endocrine imbalances prior to supplementing.

Lyme disease often, if not always, leads to B vitamin deficiencies. This in turn can lead to decreased glutathione production. Supplementing with a B-complex and liposomal glutathione (glutathione cannot be absorbed in the GI tract so tablets or capsules are virtually useless) will significantly increase your energy levels, as well as support detoxification pathways. 

Researched Nutritionals NT Factor Energy Mitochondrial Formula is our most popular product for increasing energy levels.